Right To Study For All

Esther Lartey is a 19 years old lady, she lives with her mother in Dansoman, Accra. She is a young lady with great inspiration in life.  Her visual impairment has created great limitations inherent in her education, as there are no specialized schools near her home. With the help of UPCO, which aims to help the less privilege people in the community, supporting many young people through education. Esther  who is no exception to these benefit has been able to complete basic education and senior High School. She first attended Akropong school for the blind for basic education and processed to Akropong Senior High school where she has successfully completed this year. The school has the task of ensuring an educational service of all types and levels for students with visual impairment, through a special  Blind Unit.

UPCO recognizes the right of all children to attend school in the best way in the event of difficulties of various kinds.
The action of the literacy unit in UPCO aims to promote and guarantee education to people with disability.

In her brief interview, Esther told us that she would like to continue her studies at the Faculty of Law at the University of Legon. It is her top most priority to becoming a lawyer in future and  help the vulnerable group in the country particularly the disable and women. Being able to live and work seeking justice for the most vulnerable and defenseless. We hope to spend a good holiday in the coming days, and a great hope for her dreams and goals.


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